Ignite Your Day with Feeling

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Tune into this podcast episode to discover how the power of what you are feeling can become your GPS to ignite your day and master your life.

Here are the 3 essential steps to leverage your feelings to master your life!

1: Feelings are Feedback- Think of your feelings as your driving force, the WHY behind your what… What you do or don’t do, actions, perceptions, habits, beliefs. Your feelings are power-packed with information that is vital feedback to your life.  Are your feelings expanding or contracting you?  So instead of judging your feelings- get curious and acknowledge that they are simply feedback.  They are offering up an opportunity for you.  

The insight you gain will empower you to with confidence and clarity to say yes please or no thanks to what is showing up in your life.  The idea is simply to do more of what is fueling feelings that light you up and less of what doesn’t. Recognizing in the things that don’t light you up still contains important feedback to highlight what you DO want to focus on more often.


2: Future Forecast– Realize that often in life we set out to “achieve” goals and outcomes based on what we believe it will give or do for us.  What this really boils down to is that you want what you want because of how you believe you will FEEL when you have it.

Create quantum leaps right now- bypass time and forecast your future by accessing the very feelings you HOPE to experience and instead FEEL the feelings now.  How?  Ask yourself how do I hope to be feeling when I have, do, experience or become ______.  What if I activated that feeling now?  What if I allowed myself to think of a time I have felt that way, look to another to be inspired it is possible or just say, why wait- why not activate more of the feelings I hope for in the here and now.

3: Feel the Feeling: Life happens, every day isn’t perfect yet feelings are the voice of your soul.  They let you know you are alive- they offer perspective, contrast, feedback.  So in the moment that things suck- feel the feeling and ask what it has to offer you? What information is has to bring? What purpose it can serve?

The most powerful purpose feelings can serve are perspective.

In the very moment, you allow yourself to feel and if you simply acknowledge it without adding on, it will flow through, you will come out the other side. If you get stuck in it, that is your reminder to toggle back to neutral.  To go back to step one and get curious.

Remember, you can never control another person, place or thing, you can only control your response.  What feels like your greatest capacity, your highest resource state of clarity and wholeness?  That space is your center from where all things are possible.

Feel into your greatness, into your desires, aspirations and dreams and know that you can access the power of them in the here and now. To the extent that you let yourself feel the emotions of your desires, you can align and allow yourself a fast track to experiencing more of what you want, desire and deserve in the immediate here and now!

If you find yourself ready for greater clarity, and looking for that coach to guide you back into the amazing power, purpose and potential that exists within you, contact me.  Keep feeling all of the feels of this amazing life and remember that you are limitless!

In Pure Potential,

Dr. Melissa



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