Walk Your Way Young

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Ready to slow down the hands of time and begin to reverse your biological age to add 15 years of healthy living to your lifespan?  It’s possible and proven in a recent study, here’s how to get started today.

Walking- specifically, how fast you walk has been found to impact your ability to live a longer, healthier life. 

A new study shared by the mayo clinic on life expectancy and lifestyle monitored the walking habits and deaths of nearly 475,000 people, most of whom were in their 50s at the start of the study found those who walked “briskly” lived up to 15 years on average longer.

A brisk walk is defined as being able to walk a 3-4 minute mile or approximately 100 steps per minute.

  • Step 1: Get out a stopwatch to time yourself and use a wearable device to track your steps if you have one.
  • Step 2: Walk for 3 minutes. Minute 1 is a warm-up, Minute 2 count your steps. Minute 3 is a cool down. Repeat this cycle 3 times and add that total number of steps by 3 to get your average per minute rate. Goal is 100-118 or a 15-20 minute mile.
  • Step 3: Get out and take a brisk walk, focused on great posture and for an added benefit be sure to only breathe in and out through your nose. Do this daily for 20-30 minutes to add more years to your life and life to your years.

Remember, longevity isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and every small action you take repeatedly overtime adds up to create a powerful longevity stack that will enhance your vitality, health and wellbeing at every age and every stage of life.

So get up, go out and enjoy a walk today.  For added bonus, do it in the morning to get some sun gazing in and consider walking with a friend or loved one for social support.  You just took one proven longevity action and stacked it with 2 more for a powerful boost to your wellbeing.

Enjoy! Dr.M



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