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Here is the breakdown...Circadian Biology for Busy Folks!

Learn how to biohack your natural rhythms to get into FLOW STATE easier.

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Upgrade Your Health With Light

Learn the powerful inputs that drive your clocks and how you can leverage them in only a few minutes a day for improved health expression.


Set Your Clocks for Maximum Energy

Design your life around your clocks for maximum efficiency, improved metabolic health and enhanced vitality.


Harness Flow for Peak States

Discover your breath and brainwave connection. Learn the practices to align your mind and get in flow for increased peak performance states.


Flow Triggers

Create an environment that supports your expression of enhanced health and well-being.

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Meet the Instructors

Melissa Petersen, DC, MS, BCHH (@drmelissagp)

Dr. Melissa Petersen is a sought out visionary female leader in the fields of human potential and precision longevity, who is redefining the limits of what is possible in health and flourishing. She is the founder of the Human Longevity Institute, a TEDx Speaker, host of the Human Longevity Podcast, author of the best-selling book, the Codes of Longevity, an adjunct professor of continuing education at Life University, and a clinical educator for Medfit and advisory board member at Awakend. A true change agent, on a mission, to help people thrive by design as they unlock the potential within to live their longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life. To discover what is possible for you or to learn more about Dr. Melissa and the ways to connect, visit:

Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN (@dr_rimka)

Dr. Rimka is a holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on integrated neurotherapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness. She has dedicated over 30 years to learning the best practices in functional medicine from masters in their fields. Dr. Rimka offers a unique style of intuition and caring blended with a clinically based multi-therapeutic approach to solve hard-to-treat health problems. Her out-of-the-box, innovative approach to addressing complex problems with simple solutions, based on complex quantum biology, comes from a strong commitment to vitalism. The belief that the body is built upon wisdom and is always working in its best interest activates her relentless pursuit of learning, growing, and upgrading her skillset to help her patients heal. Dr. Rimka is truly a warrior fighting by your side on your journey to reclaiming vibrant health, and her results have been offering hope to the hopeless for decades.