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Discover how my courses, books and coaching programs can support you to unlock your code and activate your limitless potential to express your best, live your passion, and love your life! 

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Welcome to your highest potential, the limitless possibility that awaits when you unlock your unique code of longevity to more fully flourish and thrive by design at any age and every stage of life!

The process is simple, we work together to reveal the opportunities that exist for you to uplevel your expression of health, longevity and thriving.

Together, we will unlock your codes so you can active your highest purpose with clarity, align with your deepest desires to ignite your full potential to express your greatest health and wellbeing in living your longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life optimized at any age.

90 minutes a month that can be used in 1, 2 or 4 unit sessions.  Assessments and coaching included, any additional labs, supplements, peptides or therapies not included but referred at discounted rates. Health savings plans can be used for our programs.

One-on-one, personalized, precision longevity and health optimization coaching packages begin with a 3 month minimum at $1,500 a month and packages for 12-month optimization programs. Click here to apply and book a complimentary consultation call to determine if this is the right fit for you.  Based on your needs will determine if Dr. Melissa or one of her certified longevity doctors are the right fit to support you to achieve the highest health expression. 

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If you are ready to look and feel your best, perform at your peak so you can lead, love and live to your fullest with greater power, presence and purpose you’re in the right place! From personal fulfillment to reverse aging, Dr. Melissa and her team specialize in supporting you to Be Ageless to Live Limitless.