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Discover how my courses, books and coaching programs can support you to unlock your code and activate your limitless potential to express your best, live your passion, and love your life! 

Let’s Work Together to Activate Your Code and Express Your Highest Potential

If you are ready to look and feel your best, perform at your peak so you can lead, love and live to your fullest with greater power, presence and purpose you’re in the right place! From personal fulfillment to reverse aging, Dr. Melissa and her team specialize in supporting you to Be Ageless to Live Limitless.

Unlock Your Code

Discover what is possible when you unlock your DNA and Epigenetic life code blueprint.  This is where science and soul meet to create your personalized roadmap to enhance thriving in your health and life. 

Within you lies your unique codes. What informs and expresses or represses your limitless potential is how you perceive, believe and interact with your daily environment and the people, places and things in your life from the world around you. The cross-talk between the outer world and the inner world of you is what dials up or down the very potential, you can more fully express when you know what is possible. 

From boundless energy, optimized performance, deeper connection and confidence,  this is our first place to begin on your path to enhanced thriving. When you unlock your code, you can stop guessing and gain immediate insight and clarity into your superpowers to leverage on your path to sharing your passion and living a life you love with purpose.  

You will receive 1 initial 20- min assessment with Dr. Melissa, 1 DNA kit, 1 complete life code assessment, 1 health-conscious scale report and score, 1 full epigenetic health and lifestyle optimization report, 1- 90 minute results session, and 2-20 minute follow up. $2,400

This is the first entry point to beginning your precision longevity and peak performance optimization adventure with Dr. Melissa. 12 week and 12 month programs are designed based on the highest outcomes desired. 

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Activate Your Potential

Expand what is possible for you through brain/body activation of your success code.  Leveraging neurotechnologies, biofeedback, capnography and the most advanced physiological stress assessments to precisely support your system to optimize and thrive! You will immediately discover how to uplevel the expression of your physical, mental-emotional health and wellbeing for your entire system for peak performance, boundless energy, clarity, confidence, and joy.

Our programs are 120 days combining both in center, virtual and home technologies to create the most optimal results for you. From your first session, you will experience breakthrough results.  During your program, you will experience a highly personalized process unique to your brain, body and being that will allow you to break free from limitations and breakthrough into your higher states of limitless potential where your freedom and success await.

Join Dr. Melissa in Asheville NC at the Apeiron Center for Human Performance for a true quantum upgrade as you epigenetically activate your success code. This program includes epigenetic assessment, qEEG brain mapping to show you your cognitive function and potential, neuro-technology brain home technology and training to rapidly enhance your mental states and cognitive function, mindset mastery training, frequency modulation, one on one sessions with Dr. Melissa and a personalized optimization plan to achieve your highest outcomes in your brain, body, business and being.

Based on your highest outcomes and your brain’s current and ideal states we design a personalized success activation plan. Using cutting-edge, non-invasive, FDA-approved neuromodulation technology, at-home tech and more, our program will give you access to states of your brain, body and being so you can live your potential with active presence and purpose on purpose every day. From this place, life flows more freely, as you live, love and lead aligned in your success signature for abundance and lasting impact.

We only accept 4 clients per month into this specialized immersion. Pricing ranges based on clinical program needed from $4,800- $8,600. Apply below. Once your application is received, our team will contact you with further information.

Ignite Your Life

What you seek IS seeking you. If you are a purpose-driven visionary that wants to express your best in your business, health and life with clarity, confidence and joy, now is your time.

Dr. Melissa will guide you into your codes, so you can active your highest purpose with clarity, align with your deepest desires to ignite your full potential to express your highest outcomes through sharing your genius to make a lasting impact in the world as you and all you support flourish and thrive.

Breakthrough 90 minute, half-day, 12 weeks and 12-month programs available.

Clients accepted by application only to ensure Dr. Melissa is an ideal fit to support you in fulfilling your greatest desires.

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