Hi friend and thank you for being here, I am Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC, MS, BCHH and I believe that you are a limitless, miraculous, incredible human being.  

I am a seer of your limitless potential and authentic truth. I’m known as the Epigenetic Alchemist, dedicated to supporting your highest expression of thriving!

Blending my 20 plus years of health, wellness, business and leadership education, degrees, certifications, training, and titles with my media and television career in WCW wrestling infused with real-world application, I support conscious creatives, and purpose-driven visionaries like you to get in the ring to go for the win in unlocking, activating and igniting your Codes of Life. Embedded in your dna lies your limitless potential to flourish and thrive. Let’s connect the dots so you can look, feel, lead, love and live life to the fullest!

I’m honored to be a best-selling author, podcaster and the founder of the Impact Experts Network, home to the Women’s Impact and Longevity Experts Platforms and the Chief Limitless Officer and Director of Apeiron Academy of Epigenetics. 

My clinical training and background include: a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic & Epigenetic Human Performance Success Coach, with a Board Certification in Holistic Health and a Masters in Wellness Leadership and Performance, leveraging my years of education and clinical experience to uplift, inspire and enhance greater states of health, wellbeing and human flourishing across the planet. 

But this section isn’t meant to really be about me… it’s about YOU and the potential that you and I will meet, connect and possibly even work together one day. So I want to know about YOU…

What is your deepest desire?  Your highest vision? The calling that is speaking to you from within?  What you seek IS seeking you and I am here to help you access, embody and express your authentic success signature. 

Are you sitting at the edge, feeling a stirring deep within, knowing that you are ready to express and experience more in your life?  Have you noticed your inner, innate guidance system directing you moment by moment into the knowing that you ARE limitless?  Maybe you have had moments, caught a glimpse here or there and are now ready to more fully harness this, your inner power and purpose. If so you are in the right place! 

I LOVE supporting, facilitating and guiding change agents just like YOU to awaken, connect and transform for lasting positive IMPACT.

I take a different approach than most…

I am an epigenetic alchemist, an explorer of what it means to be human and a facilitator for transformative change. My approach to YOU is unique to YOU. There is a proven path that combines the science of genetics, epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, complex human systems and positive psychology paired with your purpose, desires and dreams that creates your Human Potential Blueprint.  Your unique map will align you with your full power and ability to allow your highest outcomes to actualize.

This process will allow you to uncover more than inspiration and insight… you will unlock more than your true potential and power… you will share more than your passion and purpose… you WILL discover the truth of who you ARE and all that you are here to BE as you embody the full clarity, confidence and courage to take on your biggest stage and embrace the fullness, vitality and joy of your authentic life.

I invite you to tune into our podcast, for regular inspiration and information designed to support you for enhanced thriving.  and know that as you are ready to go to your next level, my team and I are here for you.

When you tune it to the show, you will learn many things, here are a few fun facts… I have 4 dogs- and 2 cats and an incredible son that I adore!  I am married to the love of my life who I often call my wise owl because he listens and seems to drop incredible wisdom and knowledge at just the right time- every time.

I have lived through childhood abuse, business failure, and divorce. This doesn’t make me special, this gave me the opportunity to show myself just how resourceful, resilient and dedicated to my truth that I was and continue to be.

I am living my truth and dream life in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in the most wonderful town called Brevard.  Not by accident, but by intentional design. I left the vision of who I thought I was supposed to be to become my highest expression of my authentic self.

I was a pop culture favorite back in the late 1990’s as WCW Nitro Girl Spice. I love a great glass of red wine and high vibe conscious conversations, community and connection… In fact, what I LOVE the most is sharing pure possibility with my family, friends, community and collective here at docmelissa. 

Living life to it’s fullest, knowing that life IS happening for each of us, here for our joy, inviting us to soak in each moment with gratitude and appreciation, while loving and honoring our selves and one another are just a few of the things that I am all about. I am so honored you are here and took the time to discover a bit more about me…

I look forward to discovering more about you soon. My team and I are here for YOU.

xx- Dr. M

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