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Get ready to discover the secret to accessing boundless energy, to transform your body, health and life when you unlock your energy code.  Dr. Melissa Petersen is joined by world renowned Mitochondrial health expert, biochemist, biohacking health optimizer and the author of the international best selling book, the Energy Formula, Shawn Wells.



Highlights Shawn shares inside of the interview:

  • What is biohacking?
  • How he healed childhood trauma, and more than 6 debilitating diseases.
  • Why he explored plant medicine and what he has gained that forever changed him from the experiences.
  • The personal practices that helped him heal.
  • How he overcoming the hustle and grind for joy and flow while enhancing his overall success and impact and loving the process.
  • He breaks down the 6 codes of E.N.E.R.G.Y and how to apply them in our lives.
  • Epigenetics and optimizing inner potential
  • Multi tasking is a lie!
  • The obstacle is the way
  • 5 minute morning success routine.
  • How to build resilience through stress and knowing what is good and what is not for our overall health and wellbeing.

This and so much more is inside of the interview.  Here is just one of my favorite moments as Shawn opens his heart, lets go of any ego and speaks authentically about his big breakthrough moment…

I’m someone who has struggled with energy most of my life. I’ve had obesity, autoimmunity, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, anorexia, Epstein-Barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, I’ve had hip and knee surgeries to disrupt placed in my neck, pituitary tumor. it just goes on and on.

Were these one after another or did you find yourself at a point of “healing” and then life knocked you down again?

It was a multiple progression, and at times a wave because of  self loathing. I always had body dysmorphia, disordered eating. I didn’t feel like I could give or get love, because of my childhood having a lot of bullying and a chaotic home that I came from. And I was just not good at any of that. So I was hard on myself, really hard on myself, achievement driven, achievement focused. And I thought that’s where I’d get love is when I level up, when I hit this level, people will see me. They’ll recognize me though, applaud me. They’ll accept me.

Meanwhile, it starts with you. It’s all about, you have to love you. There’s no one that’s going to come in and like reach way down and pick you up. You have your own savior. And it took me so long to figure that out.

What was the most profound learning or gift your plant medicine experiences have given you?

I was laying there in a cuddle puddle. I, the, you know, those are like where you’re laying with people on the ground and you’re just literally cuddling with them for people that don’t know, like the plant medicine space is a completely non-sexual space. So this is like a very different energy. There’s an innocence. Your ego constructs are essentially removed. Like, and for me, my ego was working a hundred percent like overtime because it was trying to protect me. It was rewriting the story saying like, you’re better than them. Don’t worry about them. You can do all this stuff. My ego is constantly building and protecting. But at the same time, the ego is counterproductive in terms of your emotional roads and your deep connections, because you’ve been hurt by so many people it’s protecting you.

And I didn’t even know anyone in the room. And so it wasn’t a question of like, are they trying to get this from me or am I trying to prove myself with my resume? There was none of that. It was just, wow. They really like me. I’m just a nice guy and they’re great people and we’re connecting and I’m loving and they’re loving and that’s all it takes to get love.

It’s not an achievement. I was literally like, wait, I don’t have to achieve to get love. I don’t have to do, I don’t have to, like, I don’t have to give my resume. It’s not about my credentials. It’s not about my accomplishments. I can just be loving and get love. And you can tell someone that all day long, but that was a profound realization that I realized in the space and it imprinted in my brain and I will never be the same, another, another profundity that I came across, that when I was in that space was I don’t have to stay on a straight line anymore either. Like I was heads down and grinding to get to that next level. And I keep pushing through and I had this realization I can do whatever makes me happy any day. I can completely change my career. It doesn’t have to be like, even though I put 20 years of work into something, I can, you know, be a telemarketer tomorrow.

I can go travel to the Himalayas, you know, do whatever I want. Like literally I can do whatever I want. And those two realizations, it really freed me in a way that was just so profound.

For me personally, this interview reminded me that at the core of it all, of the entire human experience is LOVE.  We deeply desire to be loved, to give love, to experience love in all of its amazing forms. Worth isn’t out there, it’s inside to be treasured realizing just by being here, you ARE worthy, you ARE love, you hold infinite capacity to express your greatness in big and small ways each and everyday along this incredible adventure called life.

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