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Epigenetics and Cancer- How to reduce your risk

By March 11, 2021 No Comments

Epigenetics is the science of what signals the gene to express or repress, turn on or off.

While your genetic code holds the blueprint of the potential of YOU, it is not your code of destiny. When it comes to cancer, there are many genetic correlations. Yet, it’s not the genes alone that determine the likelihood of expression, it’s the epigenetic signals. This means by understanding your potential code and the signals that impact that code, you can be the co-creator of a more thriving expression of health and wellbeing.

My mother and grandmother both died from cancer, you can imagine how close to my heart this topic is, yet I’m not alone.  I’m joined by 1 out of every 3 people whose lives have either directly or indirectly been impacted by this condition.

Tune in as I share this educational video the common areas where cancer miss signaling occurs that impacts your DNA and what you can do about it.

From BRCA 1 & 2, hypermethylation, to environmental causes of DNA breaks and impaired replication- get ready to understand what can be tied to cancerous activity.

I share the foundational strategies you can take action on right away as together we look at what is happening and what we can each do to better support our system to move towards a more homeostatic state for the optimized function and expression of health & vitality.

Thinking about what is possible for you? Want to know how to precisely take the most powerful and precise actions for YOU that will allow you to confidently express your most optimal self and health?

Click here to learn more about my epigenetic health optimization starter lab and coaching program.  When you can stop guessing and start taking targeted action in your health and life, the transformational thriving unfolds so you can lead, love and live your life to the fullest at every age and every stage.

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