Access the Flow State to Thrive

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As an individual or a business leader, it’s time to live a life full of thriving and flourishing. Break barriers and limitations. You don’t have to be trapped by the old, outdated ways of thinking that hold you back. Science has proven that there are real, reliable ways to increase your longevity and open the path to your full potential.

TALK ABOUT CHANGE! From WWE wrestling personality to Doctor of Chiropractic, Board Certified Holistic Health Doctor, Masters of Science in Health & Wellness and Epigenetic Precision Performance Coaching. WOW!

With over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, Dr Melissa Petersen works with Health & Wellness Leaders and Purpose Driven Visionaries to get in the ring and go for the win – by more fully tapping into their limitless potential to thrive!

You don’t want to miss this journey of adapting to and thriving in constant change as Doc Melissa share’s her proven experience and insight with us – sharing how to uncover and leverage your true Human Design and Performance Blueprint for maximum impact in your business, career and life.

Key Headlines and References (with timestamp) from Doc Melissa Petersen (‘nuggets’)

1:00 – Melissa’s story – tell us about your journey
4:30 – First big moment of change – personal challenges
6:25 – Creating programs, paths and systems which create enhanced outcomes
09:20 – Intentionally redesigned what was going to be possible – year plan of transition
14:05 – Mentioning previous guest Duncan Wardle
15:15 – Dealing with the limitations we put on ourselves and resistance in our lives – good or bad
16:35 – The power of questions – the better the question the better the answer
19:00 – Mentioning previous guest Cassandra Worthy
21:15 – Bringing the Longevity Experts Network to Market – Longevity Experts Summit – Getting the book together
23:00 – Give teams space to create and step into their roles
24:00 – Leaders of change need to “get into flow”
24:45 – Breath is the key to unlock – your resource state
30:00 – Longevity summit – still thriving in times of disruption and redefining age perceptions
32:30 – Epigenetics – what is it and understanding your genetic code/blueprint
37:12 – The physiological nature of change – how humans feel in a state of disruption and change
38:49 – Life is happening for us not to us – it begins with our own willingness to
change our own mental frame and to look for the opportunity in the moment
40:58 – Small hinges swing big doors it’s precise small changes and it doesn’t have to be scary
42:44 – Change is incremental, it’s not an event
43:03 -For senior leaders who are listening to the call how do you embrace change within your team – harnessing this across a group of very diverse people okay so
43:27 – It’s beginning with the organization, the org chart – the org chart is going to become a
thing of the past – business is evolving into more of a collective – we are coming back into a more tribal type of culture think of our businesses as a tribe and if we were to – every person in the tribe has a role
44:31 – Every single person has a point of of collaboration – let them identify their zone of genius
44:41 – Think of your your team as a circle and each person is an equal part in that
45:03 – We are going to now flow together we’re – moving into a collaborative collective
46:01 – Melissa works with a lot of doctors to help them scale virtually online – how to leverage the virtual space – one to one to group models, other products, other resources or points of access
51:18 – What are the two or three things you would say to leaders as they are leading teams and companies – be it a team of three or a team of 3000
51:40 – Begin within, show up for yourself first
52:27 – One of my favorites is ‘we get what we tolerate’
53:38 – And then to remember that you’re not the one that has to do it all
54:06 – You know Brené Brown’s Ted talk – her very first one on vulnerability – was the
the most popular ted talk download of all time
54:58 – Last thing i would say is flexibility

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