Epigenetics of Longevity and Aging with Dr. Melissa and Siim Land

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Welcome to the Siim Land Podcast. My name is Siim Land and our guest today is Doctor Melissa Petersen. Dr Melissa is an epigenetic success coach. She’s a licensed chiropractior with a board certification in holistic health.

I was also speaking at Dr Melissa’s free online event the Longevity Summit with other experts like Dr Daniel Stickler, Dr Aubrey DeGrey, Dr Sandra Kaufman, Dr Gabrielle Lyon, and many others. It’s a great event about how to improve your healthspan and wellness. Impressed with this event and Dr. Melissa, I invited her to be a guest. Enjoy the show as we discuss the epigenetics of longevity and aging.



  • 01:08 What Is an Epigenetic Coach
  • 02:50 Epigenetics VS Genetics
  • 10:03 Victim Mentality VS Growth Mindset
  • 14:44 How Long Do You Think You Can Live
  • 26:25 Healthspan VS Lifespan
  • 31:00 Customized Diet and Epigenetics
  • 40:43 Developing Intuition
  • 46:10 Endocrine Disruptors
  • 53:10 Raising Awareness and Learning From Mistakes
  • 56:15 What Are Peptides for Anti-Aging



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