What Signals Your Optimal Health?

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Did you know that encoded in your DNA, living in the cells of your body exist an series of clocks.  Like a clock in your home or a watch on your wrist, clocks help us to move through the day as a way to measure actions, function in terms of time.  Your body is no different. While it isn’t governed by time, it is instead regulated through rhythms that are triggered by signals from the world around us. Of the most powerful, light and dark.

Your brain houses the “master clock” that regulates your circadian rhythm optimizing sleep/ wake cycles for enhanced health and longevity.  This is the process that coordinates physical and mental systems throughout your body signaled by clock genes.  Sleep is one of the key ingredients to a long, healthy life lived well. Sleep is the time our hormones are optimized, our brain and body detox and cleans out toxins, our metabolism is reset, our immune system is strengthened and our tissues regenerated and repaired. 

In today’s world, we are not sleeping optimally in large part because our clocks are off.

How do we reset them?

The answer is simple and the solution profound…

Light is the main signal to your body’s “clocks”.  The light triggers active states during the day and restful and restorative sleeping states at night. Many things can dysregulate our clocks from shift work to too much blue light exposure emitted from our digital devices causing impaired sleep and  metabolic health. 

The fastest way to reset your master clock is to get daily early morning natural sunlight exposure. Likewise, seek out evening light as the sun goes down. Finally, enjoy the dark. Literally go for a walk outside or sit outside to star gaze, absorb the silence and the dark. Ensure your bedroom is dark, no light disturbance and to help your clocks, honor a set bed time and wake time. 

Just by following a normal sleep wake schedule and reduce light exposure in the evening with blue blocking glasses, turning off all lights at least 30 minutes before bed and balancing light and dark will reinforce your circadian cue for deep sleep, rested wakefulness and boundless energy throughout your day. 

Before there was ever a watch or clock on the wall, our bodies inner clocks ensured an innate rhythm and flow to living a flourishing life.

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