Unlock Your Code to Thrive!

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Unlock Your Code to Thrive!

by Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen


What is thriving to you and how do you know when you are experiencing it? 


As we get ready to wrap up what has undoubtedly been a year of contrast, through all of the disruption and change, one thing is clear… This landmark time has shown many examples of what individually and collectively we “don’t” want.  While simultaneously inspiring clarity around what we “do” want highlighting the many new possibilities to flourish and thrive. 


What a prime time as the holidays approach, and the new year awaits, to say yes to you. Yes to your desires, dreams and clarity. Yes to doing less reacting to the people, places and things out of your control and more aligning and allowing your inner guidance to activate your codes of thriving.  


To thrive means to flourish and grow. 


You are life expressed and life is defined as growth. You seek to grow, you seek to thrive, it is embedded in your genetic code and informed through the epigenetics of life. 


The amazing thing is, thanks to advanced science and technology, we now understand ( what ancient principles have always taught) how to activate the code within to express greater states of optimized living.  


Your vision, your desires, they are your soul’s guidance, inviting you into the next highest expression of your life.  This is evolution happening in real time. You are transforming in each moment from what was into what you now desire to be experiencing. 


And yet, even with this innate desire to grow, it’s easy to find yourself stuck… questioning, limiting, settling, wondering, comparing, going backwards instead of forward. 


The good news is, your system is designed to flourish, to be resilient and grow forward naturally. Get ready to discover the key available to you to unlock your potential to thrive any time. 


In the book, Codes of Longevity, I set out on a mission to redefine how we view our potential to live our limitless life.  Age is a perfect example of where and how we get stuck surviving when we were meant to live a long life thriving. One of the key places this disconnection occurs is the mind, rooted in the unconscious limitations we all place upon ourselves due to our cultural editors. The stories of what we have come to believe as possible, the rules and expectations of life, passed down from our parents, teachers, friends, family, communities and past generations. 


The stories both conscious and unconscious play out to create and reinforce the filters through which we each perceive, interrupt and respond to the world around us.  This informs your thoughts, actions, habits, beliefs and the expression of your DNA. 


Epigenetics reads the “environment” of life, and sends the information byway of messenger to the cells where the DNA is housed. The signals let the system know if the outer world is safe or dangerous because the #1 job of your body is to keep you alive.  At the most primal level this means assessing threats to keep you SAFE. If the information coming into the system says “ everything is good” then you move into ease and support for growth and flourishing. If it thinks you are stressed with threats, your system will be guarded in hyper-vigilance for protection. 


This is intelligently designed, it’s hardwired into us.  Yet, just like a computer, we can update our system through new mental software to activate our inner expression of thriving.


To upgrade your inner software, begin with the power of awareness


Awareness is about tuning in… into the moment, the feeling, the experience, into YOU.


Begin by noticing, how you feel about your current reality? Your emotions act as your interrupter between the way you interact with and experience daily life. Does it feel open, expansive, connected, supportive or restrictive, overwhelming, fearful and unsure? 


Without judgement, simply notice and understand this is feedback. Your perception is what defines “good” or “bad” which is what informs your system to survive or thrive.


What you believe, you perceive. What you perceive, signals your brain and body, triggering a cascade of powerful hormones and chemical messengers that tell the DNA to either express or repress your code. As you are exposed to either real or imagined threats (stress), it will be harder to thrive. Your system will opt to fight or flight vs grow and flourish, because your survival is primary.  


Use awareness to update your mind to design your new version of thriving.


  • Use awareness to notice if and when you desire to thrive yet feel stuck. This resistance is your indicator that on some level, your system is perceiving your desire as not being safe for you. 


To activate your code to thrive, affirm to yourself that your desires are safe and essential for your new states of growth, health and happiness. Just by talking out loud to yourself, changing your physiology by standing up and FEELING the truth and wholeness of your words will trigger new chemistry in your body, confirming that what you are saying is actually true for you and your system will respond in kind.


Use awareness to update your body to align with your new version of thriving.


  • Become aware of when and how stress may be showing up in your body or life. If and when you are tense, worried, amped up, anxious, pushing, trying or struggling, realize if those emotions persist, the chemicals of stress will be released through the body. These will override thriving, signaling the need for protection. 


To activate your code to thrive, engage your parasympathetic nervous system by immediately signaling the vagus nerve through humming, singing or laughing. Laughing is so powerful, we often think we are happy because we laugh when in fact the chemistry of laughing is what produces the feel good hormones of happiness. 


What better time than the holidays to practice thriving. Yes, there will be times to be stressed but what if you choose to feel good instead?  Sing holiday songs, laugh and play games, look at the season through the eyes of a child connecting to that sense of holiday wonder and magic.  


As you look to the new year, know that you are the visionary of your life. Design a vision that holds your highest outcomes and feel the fullness of the joy and excitement it will bring. Get out of your head and live through your heart, sharing the emotions of curiosity, growth, love and joy. 


Remember, the default mode of the brain is to find fault and look for threats. Be better than default, leverage awareness, choose to grow, flourish and thrive. You hold the key, it’s time to activate your code. It’s your birthright!


Yours in Limitless Possibilities,

Dr. Melissa

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