Longevity Love Quotient

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Love, some say it’s all there is…

The source from which life, creativity, and connection flow. Where romance blossoms and unbreakable bonds are formed.

Love, according to the research, may also be the key to longevity.

Simply being open to giving and receiving love, support and connection has been shown in the research to increase lifespan by greater than 10 years. 

When we are able to both love and appreciate ourselves, we are able to share that same love, kindness, and appreciation with others.

To add more years to your life and life to your years, consider increasing your love quotient. 

Love Quotient is all about improving our ability to express love to ourselves and others. Yes, receiving love from another is a joy yet, receiving love from yourself is the most powerful gift you can give to YOU.

To expand your quotient here are a few simple steps you can take today:

  • Brain- Heart Love Coherence. This is the process by which you bring your awareness to your breath ( breathing gently in and out through the nose) and then the awareness of your breath to your heart. As you breathe as if in and out through your heart, take a moment to send appreciation to yourself. Focus on something you are grateful for, feel good about or simply want to acknowledge within yourself.  Welcome, that self-love and finish by inviting that love to flow throughout your body, then out into your day and to all of those you come into contact with.

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  • Feel the Feeling. Acknowledge the “unwanted/uncomfortable” feelings or beliefs you might have towards yourself or another that could be blocking your full ability to both give and receive the love you deserve. When you are willing to notice where you may feel resentment, betrayal, fear or worry you can notice the ways in which your unconscious is keeping you safe. Safe from potential hurt. Acknowledge the memories, the moments and then check-in, ask yourself if you are safe, then as you realize you are, affirm I am safe and it is safe to receive and give love.


  • Celebrate the love. Check-in daily and notice at least one thing that you love about yourself and then at least one thing that you love about another person and finally one thing that you love about your life.


From the big to the small, celebrate the micro-moments that add up day after day to create a life well-lived.  Today I celebrate YOU.  I am sending true deep gratitude, appreciation and love from my heart to yours.

Yours in Limitless Longevity Love Potential,

Dr. Melissa Petersen


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