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Think Better- Feel Better- Live Better

Because your brain health matters at every age, OPTIMIZE is here to deliver a proven, brain training program, personalized to your exact needs. Did you know that practicing daily brain exercises can reduce the risk for cognitive decline while also boosting learning, performance, connection, memory, focus and wellbeing?

OPTIMIZE is a cutting-edge cognitive performance and longevity optimization program designed to assess and entrain the brain and support the body to new states of enhanced performance, memory, learning, creativity, resilience, motivation, focus, connection and wellbeing.

Utilizing proven clinical research turned into games so you can experience a healthier, happier brain at any age.

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The Science of Cognitive Optimization Can Support You To Think Better Feel Better & Live Better

Stress Reappraisal improves focus and performance by over 33%

Gamma Training Has Been Shown to Promote Flow States for Increased Motivation, Performance, Focus, & Creativity.*

Brain Games are shown to improve memory by 40% *

Lifestyle Protocols are shown to extend healthspan and lifespan by 20 years *


Today is the day you activate the power of your mind to ignite your thriving life!

How important is it to you to have a clear, sharp, focused mind? One that is energized, engaged and enjoying life?

Your brain is the master control center of your body. Optimizing the health, function and communication between the brain and body is essential to thriving health each day at any age of life.

If you are ready to think better, feel better and live better, the OPTIMIZE cognitive program is for you.

With as little as 5 minutes a day, in as short as 10 weeks, you can permanently enhance the health and function of your brain reducing the risk of cognitive decline while enhancing memory, performance, focus, mood and wellbeing.



Using cognitive assessments, each user will have a private account with a personalized program based on their current stress, wellbeing and cognitive performance index scores.


Using gamma brainwave frequencies, HRV resonance, cognitive function and stress reappraisal training our program strengthens the brain to optimize the stress response of the body.


Learn body based techniques to activate new states of flow, motivation, and performance by stimulating primitive reflexes and vagal toning to integrate new positive responses to stress.


In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can optimize your stress response with benefits lasting up to 2 days* and each day, you train, you lower the risk of cognitive decline. to more fully THRIVE. e.


This Proven Brain Optimization Membership and Program Includes:

  • Monthly Clinical Cognitive Performance Assessments ( $149 Value each)
  • Unlimited Access to Brain Game and Performance Platform( $49 a month value)
  • Longevity Living>> Thrive by Design Health Optimization Lifestyle Program ( $997 value)
  • LIVE Monthly Group Office Hour Q & A Session with Dr. Melissa ($1997 value each)

Give yourself the gift of an optimized brain for enhanced health and a thriving life.

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Savings 55% OFF NOW ONLY $49 A MONTH OR $449 for the Entire Year.

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Science Gamified so You Can Optimize

Assess Your Brain

Train with Games

"I've been using the games for 3 weeks and feel more focused and I'm even sleeping better!"

- Anna (Sparr, FL)

"I improved from my first to my second assessment by over 45%. I love this program."

- Margarette (Columbus, OH)

"Stress is big for me with my job and what I learned in the program has been huge! I now have real tools that work to shift me from feeling chaotic to focused and calm.

- Louis (New York, NY)

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What to Expect

  • Once you register for your OPTIMIZE access, you will receive two welcome emails. One for access to your Cerebrocore brain training platform and cognitive assessments and one for your bonus course materials. Be sure to check your inbox, promo, or junk filters for emails from hello@docmelissa.com
  • As soon as you confirm your setup, you will have access to your clinical cognitive assessment.
  • When you complete your assessment, a personalized program will be recommended and access to the brain sessions and games best suited for you will become available.
  • Log in daily for your brain optimization sessions.
  • Join the live office hour sessions with Dr. Melissa to ask any questions, gain feedback and support so you can confidently OPTIMIZE your brain, health and life.