Ask This One Question for Clarity

By May 2, 2020 No Comments

On more days than I can count, I would find myself overloaded with a huge to do list.  Feeling the nudge from my soul to show up fully for the day and do big work in the world that would change lives and yet, in front of me was a list of tasks.  Some days the tasks would help keep me distracted from my deeper nudge, making me feel like I was doing good because I was taking care of important details.  I was busy being busy yet was I honoring and living in my true zone of genius?

Have you had that feeling that what you seek is seeking you yet an invisible wall is between you both?  The invisible wall is life’s distractions, the many ways we keep ourselves occupied with “meaningful” activities.  Yes the activities matter and have importance yet just because you can do them, should YOU be the one actually doing all of those things?

It wasn’t until I started showing up differently for myself, realizing I was the only one that would and could actually know if I was doing my soul’s work.  It all began with a simple question…

What is the one smallest thing that can do right now that will make the biggest impact for ME today?   The biggest impact that allows me to honor and share my authentic gifts, passion, talents, the truth embedded in my soul. 

I still was busy doing the many tasks on my list, yet I started my day with ME.  I made sure to take an action every day that allowed me to ultimately redesign my entire business and life in a way that I was fully showing up, doing my big work in the world as the impact maker I AM.

It’s what led me to start the Impact Experts Network and support thousands of mission-minded, heart-centered visionary entrepreneurs to grow, scale and amplify their income and impact so they can lead, love and live life to it’s fullest.  Because isn’t that what we are all here meant to do…live life to it’s fullest!

When you are busy being busy, you are putting off living your authentically vibrant life.

Start with the one question and notice what begins to shift and transform for you today.


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