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Wellness Wednesday Challenge: Go BPA-Free

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Happy Wellness Wednesday!  Each week the team here at Healthy Life Hub offers up a simple challenge that if you choose to accept will support greater states of health and vitality in your body and life.

This week, is all about going BPA-FREE.

What is BPA and why should you go free?  Great question. 

Bisphenol-A is a chemical compound found in plastics that began to be used back in the 1950s to make plastics stronger and more resilient for use in more products in our daily lives.

Little did they know at the time that BPA carries with it significant implications, impacting our bodies at a cellular level. 

The chemical compound structure looks similar to that of the hormone estrogen. When it is present within the body, it has an estrogenic effect. BPA, BPS and BPF are all believed to bind at our bodies estrogen receptor sites due to their similar chemical makeup. Because they are fat soluble, they are not easily released from the body, so they store in the fatty tissue around the visceral organs and brain.  

It’s when we innocently heat our food up in the microwave or drink from a plastic bottle, especially one that has been in the sun or in a hot car, we dramatically increase our exposure. The heat leaches the plastic compounds and we then eat or drink them into the body.

Once the chemical structures are in the body, that is when they act as estrogen. Remember- estrogen is important for women in specific amounts. Now both women, men and children are being exposed and the hormone look alikes are being stored resulting in a phenomenon called endocrine disruption. This is where our normal hormone balance is disrupted and creates mass chaos throughout a variety of key systems in the body.  

These increase the risk of cancers, infertility, weight gain, and a variety of hormone-based imbalances and deficiencies for both men and women. 

There is good news, you can help your body and take today’s challenge to make massive changes in a short time.

To help your body break down any of these estrogen compounds that can be present engage in daily dry brushing, exercise and infrared sauna. 

To immediately stop any future risk and help your body reset and revitalize, take today’s challenge to reduce and remove the use of any type of plastic drinking or food container from your daily routine. 

BPA products usually are typically clear and easy to see through.  Here are a few easy tips to help make today’s challenge a win!

  • Look at labels to ensure that any plastic container or water bottle specifically says that it is BPA free. Switch out any plastic containers 2 glass, stainless steel or paper.
  • Look at the recycling number on your plastic containers. If it has a recycling symbol with the number 7, it may contain BPA.
  • BPA, BPS, BPS all have similar effects and can be found in plastic food containers, canned foods, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, dental filling sealants and even baby bottles. Be sure to only buy products that clearly state BPA- Free

Small actions create big changes both in your body, your health, and the health of the planet. 

Now it’s your turn go swap out your plastics and take a picture and be sure to post in the comments below using the #HLHWellnessWednesdayChallenge #BPAFREE #HealthyLifeHub

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