Unlock Your Worth Code

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Do you know just how worthy you are? Have you ever felt like you have to prove yourself, prove just how loveable, likable, valuable, worthy you are to get the thing that you desire?  Prove you are good enough for the relationship, the job, the money, the safety, the security, the opportunities, the love, the life you deserve???

In this episode, I get personal, real, and raw.  I share real-time the past 24 hours of my life and what has come up after just finding an old journal of my mother’s who passed away 15 years ago. What those pages revealed and what they triggered inside of me personally as well as a mother now myself to a teenage son and the a-ha around “faking happy”.

This message is for each of us anywhere along our journey of loving and whole-heartedly appreciating, accepting, valuing, and loving ourselves. For as you value and appreciate yourself, filling yourself up, you move beyond a life of seeking external validation of your worth… you free up the energy and capacity from within to more fully receive, express and experience all the wonders and joy this life has to share with you.

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Yours in Limitless Potential,

xx- Dr. Melissa


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