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Getting Friendly With Fitness

By April 3, 2018 No Comments

Fitness is your fast path to increased energy, confidence and wellbeing. It should in no way be a scary or chilling topic, yet so many people treat it like a chore that should be avoided at all costs. Well not me, and not you, especially when I share the following tips with you to help make fitness fun.

My Goal Is…

One of the hardest parts about even starting a pathway to fitness is understanding and defining goals. It’s all well and good to WANT to get into shape and feel a little better, but what does that actually mean? Goals relating back to fitness need to be measurable like “I want to walk at least 3 miles this week”. This also keeps your goals in the realm of the physical. Keep goals realistic as well. If you have never run before, don’t start day 1 by running a 5k – you are setting yourself up for failure (and a lot of soreness).

Log It Out

When you come up those physical feats you want to accomplish, it’s time to get that all out of your head and onto paper. Starting a fitness log is the answer. It’s a vessel for pulling all your goals out and into one place. As you jot down your goals, you also get to record your progress, logging your exercise throughout the week. The best part about a log? It keeps you accountable. You get to see a daily reminder of the progress you plan to make while learning about yourself and how much exercise you’re comfortable with taking on throughout the week. You learn with a log, it’s crazy!

It’s Your Path- Enjoy It!

We’re all on a path to bettering ourselves. That’s truly what getting fit is all about. This month and beyond, think about what it means to be “heart healthy” and go to work. Embrace the challenges of life and get pumped about the endless possibilities that come with taking that first step to a better YOU.  

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