Connect to Create Your Dream Reality

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon

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At this moment, as I write this, humanity is living through COVID-19. It’s a time that has created opportunity, disruption, grief, boredom, sadness, joy, frustration, innovation, and countless other emotions and expressions of our individual and collective self as we are told to stay in, isolate and flatten the curve.

Yet, the nature of what it means to be human is to connect, embedded in the fabric of our DNA. This powerful force, I believe is a force we can use to come together and dream a new dream…

What do you imagine is possible?  What would you love to feel more of in the world?

As you take this time to meet up with friends, family and community on zoom and other video chat platforms, I invite you to dream a new reality together.  A new vision beyond more of the same hustle and grind. A call back to our collective soul and desires to live both a life of meaning and connection. To create, innovate and thrive while also resting, recharging, playing, loving and laughing.  Life doesn’t have to be an “either-or”… it is meant to be an “and-also” state where we individually and collectively experience love, happiness, and joy. 

Today, I invite you to dream your new reality as you connect with your tribe so you can live fully and thrive. Now is your time, to discover what is possible for you.

xx- Dr. Melissa

✨I see your potential, I believe in you, go shine✨




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