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Beyond DNA- What Direct to Consumer DNA Testing Doesn’t Tell You

By February 3, 2020 No Comments

Direct to consumer genetic testing doesn’t work and the numbers are showing that consumers are catching on.

Just last week, 23andMe reported a 14% cut company-wide with the other leaders following with stats that after 26 million genetic test kits sold, sales have gone bust!  It’s leaving everyone wondering why…

As the executive director of Apeiron Zoh Academy of epigenetic coaching, this is a question we have looked at over the past several years with our students in detail.  The answer lies in the truth of your code itself.

Your generic code is the blueprint of your potential, meaning what is possible, not what is absolute. Direct to consumer companies like 23&Me would have you believe that your genetic code is your destiny and your outcome.  It’s easier to sell something when you think it is going to give you exact information, yet that is not how our code works.

You see DNA is in fact your blueprint that holds the instructions for every cell, organ and structure in your body.  The blueprint alone does not determine what will be built.  Your DNA holds thousands of potentials for how the code can express. What determines your genetic expression are epigenetics, the information or signal above the cell from the environment.

So why the drop in sales for the big DNA testing company? Could it be that people felt that their results weren’t adding up? Was trust grossly violated when consumer data was sold to pharma? Yes and yes!

What I love that I can share with my clients each and every day that come to me to do epigenetic coaching is that we begin with their DNA to uncover their potential. I work with them to understand how to unlock their code and leverage their inherent genetic potential to flourish and thrive!

From this place, they become empowered, inspired and engaged in optimizing their health and performance on all levels. From this place they are able to claim control with clarity and certainty over the precise strategies to implement in their life.  From food and sleep to more advanced aspects like hormones and neurotransmitter pathways that impact brain function, mood and memory.  This is the moment when my clients say I no longer feel like I’m working against myself. I finally make sense to me. That’s the moment they realize anything is possible and transformation unfolds…

And privacy… When 23andme sold their data to big pharma and government agencies, concern broke out, what does it mean when someone has your genetic code? This is why we recommend Apeiron Genomics  to all of our clients. They have their own proprietary array looking at over 760,000 Snps and epigenetic reporting that pulls hundreds of the top lifestyle markers that we then review together to understand what is happening vs what you want to happen in your health and life.  The data and lifestyle report allows us to work together to share the exact steps and strategies necessary to put you in control of you for enhanced outcomes in your health and life and the great news…. 90 days later after the results process, the genetic data that is only connected by way of a bar code is destroyed, not sold.

This is an interesting time indeed… We hold the key to our limitless potential and yet it is essential to understand to be limitless is not to be related to a label, even if it is your own DNA… Remember your dna is NOT your destiny, it is your roadmap to determine how you want to express and explore YOU.  The beauty is that you hold infinite possibilities within you, each moment able to deliver new information to your code to unlock new levels of expressing your highest states of thriving in your health and life. If  you ever want to discover what is possible for you, reach out to me. xx- Dr. MGP

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