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Discover how you can leverage your expertise to scale your income, influence and impact as you live your purpose and change the world. 

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Discover how to ignite greater states of success through enhancing your worth, wealth and wellbeing with the free resources below.

Ready to love, lead and live life to it’s fullest? Begin within as you journey into deeper states of valuing YOU.  Enjoy this audio class to learn how to active your worth code so you can own the wholeness of who you are without compromise.

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Money is a currency that exchanges your value and worth with the world.  Discover how to activate your success signature and share your expertise for enhanced wealth and abundance in all areas of your business & life.

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Wellbeing is how you are expressing your self, health and happiness. This audio class will share how to bring our brain, body and being into authentic alignment for enhanced love, joy and ageless vitality.

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Meet Dr. Melissa,

She is on a mission to ignite and engage visionaries like you around the globe to embody your power, live your purpose and express your potential to change the world! For more than 20 years, Dr. Melissa has been sought out as a transformational epigenetic success coach, motivational podcaster, longevity author and inspirational speaker by experts, leaders and entrepreneurial luminaries like you to achieve your highest outcomes of success. Her work allows you to express your success signature to share and scale your message, mission and meaning for enhanced income, influence and impact that will uplevel humanity for generations to come.  Through a process that is unique to you, Dr. Melissa will align your deepest desires and highest vision to your genetic blueprint, epigenetics, peak performance and mindset mastery along with the most advanced business, marketing and growth platforms so you can lead, love and live your legacy life to the fullest!

Let’s Work Together To Unlock Your Code And Express Your Highest Potential

You ARE Limitless! Imagine for a moment your life lived from your most abundant state… where you are fully thriving and expressing your passion, power and purpose. This all exists within you now, waiting to be fully activated.

Embedded in your DNA is your genetic code, the blueprint that holds the potential of you. Epigenetic signals from the environment of your inner and outer world are the messages that inform your code to turn on or off, up or down to it’s highest levels of potential and greatness.

Your brain is the receiver connecting your inner and outer world. When you activate your code through higher brain states, you can effortlessly embody the truth of YOU. From this space, you will live, love and lead with greater power, presence and purpose for enhanced worth, wealth and wellbeing.  This is where your limitless potential awaits, are you ready to discover what is possible for you?

Activate Your Brain

Success Begins Within. Activate Higher Brain States for Peak Performance and Enhanced Outcomes That Will Help You- Find Your Focus- Gain Your Clarity and Change Your Life. Apply for Our 3 Day Quantum Cognitive Breakthrough Experience

Harness Your Code

Harness the Power of You Through One on One Success Coaching to Experience Your Highest Outcomes in Business, Health and Life.

Transform Your Life

Total Transformation Occurs When Your Brain, Body & Being Are Activated in Authentic Alignment for Your Highest Purpose to Express. Learn About Our Programs

Ready to Express Your Highest Outcomes?

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I Am Living My Purpose!

Prior to beginning coaching with Melissa, I was honestly considering quitting practice. It just wasn’t fun and I lost my passion. Since I have been working with her, I have reconnected to my purpose! I feel alive and inspired every day. Now I have more than doubled my prices and I’m consistently selling programs up to 10K with confidence. I am doing what I love, and have never enjoyed practice more!  

Dr. Jackie Kilraine- Women’s Brain Health Expert

Dr. Melissa is the Coaches Coach! 

Before working with Dr. Melissa I was selling my spiritual coaching in single sessions. Now I have made a 10x leap to charging and receiving what I and my programs are worth.  This is a master level growth experience, that I highly recommend.

Giselle Koy- Spiritual Wealth Coach

My Vision Came to Life in Less than 6 Months!

My income grew by more than 30% in 3 months, I sold my first 12K program, I moved into my dream office location and completely brought my vision of success into reality in less than 6 months of working with Dr. Melissa. I can’t thank her enough for the clarity, strategy and focus to up level my business the way I have dreamed for so long. She helped me, she can help you… book your call.

Dr. Amanda Krueger- Women’s Wellness Expert

Coach- Speaker- Mentor

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Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, female speaker that will deliver the WOW factor to your audience? Dr. Melissa ignites, inspires and engages audiences in her signature talk series Decoding You, to unlock their potential in business, health or life to flourish and thrive! 

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Ready to Express Your Highest Outcomes?

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