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I invite you to discover what is possible for you in cultivating greater states of thriving in the areas of your life that matter the most to you. The science of epigenetics reveal how life is constantly signaling, informing, activating and influencing the expression of life through your genetic code. Within you exists limitless potential. Now is your time to unlock your code and ignite your life.


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Using genetics, our proprietary precision blueprint and thrive potential assessment along with cutting-edge technology and epigenetic performance coaching, you will gain health clarity, confidence and certainty that is unique to you. Get ready to harness your physical, cognitive and wellbeing potential to thrive by design so you can ignite your ability to express boundless energy, vitality, and joy at every age and every stage of life. 

On a Mission to Enhance Human Flourishing Globally

Dr. Melissa Petersen is a sought out expert in transformational thriving. For over 20 years she has been on a mission to ignite and engage enthusiasts and experts alike to unlock their code, activate their power and ignite their potential to lead, love and live life to the fullest! As the founder of CENTER, the stress optimization and brain training technology platform and the Human Longevity Institute, she is dedicated to sharing the resources and solutions that allow individuals and teams to thrive by design so they can live their longest, healthiest and most fulfilling lives.  



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"I have worked with Dr. Melissa in business and health for over a decade with outstanding results. Each time, I experience new levels of breakthroughs. I just turned 50 and I look and feel better than I did when I was 35. The secret- precision longevity. When Dr. Melissa's team helped me put the pieces together, I was able to optimize my hormones, which took my brain health and performance to a whole new level. I have a full life of thriving ahead of me! 120 here I come."

John StupkaCEO Otto Aesthetics

"I am living my longevity life thanks to Dr. Melissa. Her precision approach has allowed me to now, at 62 to be sharper, more confident and energized than I have been in years. I feel better now than I did at 52!"

Elsie TrawickCEO of Trawick Wellness

Dr. Melissa is the Coaches Coach!
Before working with Dr. Melissa I was selling my spiritual coaching in single sessions. Now I have made a 10x leap to charging and receiving what I and my programs are worth. This is a master level growth experience, that I highly recommend.

Giselle KoySpiritual Wealth Coach

My Vision Came to Life in Less than 6 Months!
My income grew by more than 30% in 3 months, I sold my first 12K program, I moved into my dream office location and completely brought my vision of success into reality in less than 6 months of working with Dr. Melissa. I can’t thank her enough for the clarity, strategy and focus to up level my business the way I have dreamed for so long. She helped me, she can help you… book your call.

Dr. Amanda KruegerCEO of Whole Health Chiropractic

I Am Living My Purpose! Even the doc needs a doc and a coach needs a coach.
Prior to beginning coaching with Melissa, I was honestly considering quitting practice. It just wasn’t fun and I lost my passion. Since I have been working with her, I have reconnected to my purpose! I feel alive and inspired every day. My business has grown in new ways, my income has more than doubled, I have scaled beyond my brick and mortar and I'm making an even bigger impact and living my passion fully. I am doing what I love, and have never enjoyed practice more!

Dr. Jackie KilraineWomen's Brain Health Expert

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Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, female speaker that will deliver the WOW factor authentically to your audience? 20 years ago, Dr.Melissa left the wild world of professional wrestling and television for a health career dedicated to optimizing human potential.

She blends science and soul with real-world wit and wisdom to activate the highest potential within you and your team revealing how to step into the ring and go for your win in creating the career, health and life you love. 

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