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Discover what is possible for you and how you can put the precise pieces together to unlock, activate and ignite your limitless potential to flourish and thrive by design at every age and every age, starting today.

Unlock Your Clarity Code-Single Coaching Session

Gain the immediate clarity you want and need to confidently move forward into the next highest expression of YOU. Your life is calling you forward into your next evolution of greatness, health, and vitality.

It's your time to stop spinning in the sea of uncertainty, to end the doubt and access THE answers you seek.

This 90-minute breakthrough clarity session is transformative and will give you your personalized authentic process so you can flourish and thrive by design in all facets of your health and life.

Yes I Want To Coach with Dr. Melissa 
90 Minutes plus clarity blueprint- $333

Ignite Your Life

What you seek IS seeking you. If you are ready to break through to your highest level of clarity, vitality, and joy, now is your time to say YES to you.

You will get crystal clear on what you want, what is blocking you, how to clear that block and move through it with inspired authentic action that produces immediate new enhanced states of thriving.

Each session offers support, guidance, and insight so you can stop guessing, spinning your wheels, and getting more of the same. You will get clarity, confidence and certainty that allows you to take consistent inspired action in the areas of your life that matter the most to you.

Dr. Melissa has helped thousands of people around the globe with her thrive-clarity coaching principles grounded in positive psychology and epigenetics. She will support you to discover and unlock your authentic life codes. From this space, you can activate your highest purpose with clarity, align with your deepest desires to ignite your full potential to express your highest outcomes through sharing your genius to make a lasting impact in the world as you and all you support flourish and thrive.

This package includes: 1- 90 minute thrive mapping session and 360 thrive assessment ( $750)

6- 45 minute one on one mentoring and clarity coaching sessions. ($1999)

6-month access to the Thrive Collective ($300)

The Thrive By Design Meditation, Hypnosis and Tapping Bundle for Rapid Breakthroughs ( $197)

This Bundle gives you over 20% in added value off the cost of the normal price and is ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, and high performers who understand their health is their wealth and happiness. Who is ready to step more fully into their potential to lead, love and live life optimized and knows that a coach will give them the precise guidance and accountability that will allow for true next level transformation.

Yes I Want To Coach with Dr. Melissa
And Get The Extra Bonus 360 Assessment, 90 Minute Clarity Breakthrough Session, Access to the Thrive Collective
Membership Community PLUS 6 One on One Coaching Sessions for $2,600 or 6 payments of $500

Discover how to reverse age, express boundless energy and live a life of fulfillment with vitality and joy at any age and any stage of life when you get your lifetime access pass to the Longevity Summit.

This event brought together more than 65 of today's top health and longevity leaders to share in leading-edge conversations that share the most important strategies to look, feel and live your life optimized.

Plus when you get your pass now, you will also receive access to an additional 20 hours of bonus content and training, books, meditations, and more valued at over $903 all for only $199.

This package includes 65 interviews from the Longevity Summit, 15 Bonus Gifts and Courses from our Speakers, 6Guided Longevity Meditations from Dr. Melissa, 1 Digital Copy of the Codes of Longevity, 1 Access Pass to the Path to 120 Digital Course and Workbook.

This package is great for the expert or enthusiast alike that wants to look, feel and live life optimized at ever age and every stage!

Sleep Your Way Youthfully Healthy

In more than 100 hours of conversations and research, the experts ALL agree, sleep is THE essential ingredient to expressing vibrant health.

Yes, you are designed to sleep yet more than 70 million people don't. If you have struggled with sleep disruption then you know how much sleep matters. But the real question is WHY- why am I NOT sleeping and WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT?

In this online- do it yourself course, you will learn the essential what, why, and how's to getting a great nights sleep through the epigenetics of sleep optimization.

In as little as 2 hours, you will have the know-how and tools to create a personalized plan to take action and begin improving your sleep tonight!

This digital course includes 2 hours of precise how-to sleep optimization training and tools. A guided hypnotic sleep meditation, a guided EFT sleep training session, a full resource section regarding tech, supplements, light therapy and more PLUS- the 28 day Epigenetics of Sleep Optimization Guide Book and Personalized assessment.

If you feel "off" or know your sleep is disrupted, this is a great foundations course that gives you the exact information and strategies so you can reset your inner sleep clocks for sound healing sleep.

Unlock Your Health Potential With This Lab & Coaching Package

Discover what is possible when you unlock your DNA and Epigenetic life code blueprint.  This is where science and soul meet to create your personalized roadmap to enhance thriving in your health and life. 

Within you lies your unique codes. What informs and expresses or represses your limitless potential is how you perceive, believe and interact with your daily environment and the people, places and things in your life from the world around you. The cross-talk between the outer world and the inner world of you is what dials up or down the very potential, you can more fully express when you know what is possible. 

From boundless energy, optimized performance, deeper connection and confidence,  this is our first place to begin on your path to enhanced thriving. When you unlock your code, you can stop guessing and gain immediate insight and clarity into your superpowers to leverage on your path to sharing your passion and living a life you love with purpose.  

  • 1- An alumina array DNA test kit, assesses over 760,000 snps, you receive your raw data that you own.
  • 1- Thriving Longevity Life DNA Lifestyle Optimization Report looking at over 600 of the most high impact snp’s that inform health expression unique to you for actionable results.
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Stress Assessment
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Hallmarks of Aging Assessment
  • Longevity Lifestyle assessment.
  • Plus 1- 90 minute results session to deliver your precision longevity blueprint with Dr. Melissa to review your results ($2499 Value)
  • 3- 30 minute follow up one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Melissa to support you in implementing your longevity blueprint for enhanced results in your health and life. ($1,297 value)
  • 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP to the 120 Collective take the 12 month journey to 120 with Dr. Melissa and her expert guests with monthly masterclasses and focus to up-level the expression of your health and life while offering accountability and support to you in implementing your longevity blueprint for enhanced results in your health and life. ($2,497 value)

Ready to Ignite Your Code to Thrive by Design?

If you are ready to take a personalized and precise approach to unlock your health potential so you can truly express your best, then this program is for you. 

Using genetics, our proprietary precision blueprint and thrive potential assessment along with cutting-edge technology, biologics, lifestyle design and epigenetic performance coaching, you will gain health clarity, confidence and certainty that is unique to you. Get ready to harness your physical, cognitive and wellbeing potential to thrive by design so you can ignite your ability to express boundless energy, vitality, and joy at every age and every stage of life. 

We offer a 12 month medical or non-medical precision longevity program both with in-person and telehealth options.

Programs include DNA testing, comprehensive labs, 360 assessment, brain mapping, stress assessment, strengths, personality and character assessment, hallmarks of aging, longevity lifestyle map, epigenetic coaching, neurotechnologies, biofeedback, stress optimization training, clinical precision health care, DNA nutrition coaching and planning, mindset and performance coaching, and a 3-day small group optimization retreat invitation.

This is a by-application-only program. Please note due to the nature of how our team works with you, these programs start at $24,000 and go up to $35,000 for the year.


Access The Clarity Coaching- Self-Guided Series for You from Dr. Melissa

Gain clarity, confidence, and certainty so you can ignite your limitless potential to flourish and thrive by design.

Choose the plan that is right for you. Once you enroll, you will be sent a welcome email to set up a brief welcome call with Dr. Melissa where she will share all of your resources with you.

Have questions? Want to ensure this is the right for you? Email hello@docmelissa.com and we will send you a calendar link for a call to fully support you in saying YES to unlocking your longevity code.

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  • You are ready to have the clarity and confidence that come when you are no longer guessing and instead taking precise, informed and inspired action based on your unique blueprint of potential.
  • You are ready to have more energy, greater focus and clarity, paired with the exact knowledge of what lifestyle choices are more than a fad, and just right for YOU.
  • You are ready to stop fighting against yourself and work with your inner potential and resources to express the best version of you each day.
  • You know that you are just getting started and want to have the full mental and physical capacities to lead, love and live your life to the fullest.
  • You are ready to be supported and accountable to implement life changing knowledge so you can experience greater states of thriving.
  • If you are ready to look, feel and live your life optimized, then this special offer is for you.

What Others Are Saying...

Elsie T.

"I am living my longevity life thanks to Dr. Melissa. Her precision approach has allowed me to now, at 62 to be sharper, more confident and energized than I have been in years. I feel better now than I did at 52!"

John S.

"I am just about to turn 50 and I look and feel better than I did when I was 35. The secret- precision longevity. When Dr. Melissa's team helped me put the pieces together, I was able to optimize my hormones, which took my brain health and performance to a whole new level. I have a full life of thriving ahead of me! 120 here I come."

Linda S.

"When I got my longevity labs, everything changed. I'm 72 and I crossfit every day! My friends are all in their 30s and 40's and they try to keep up with me. Age is a number not a life well lived. "