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If you are a purpose-driven visionary, a doctor, coach, innovator, expert, author, healer, health or well-preneur, who is ready to up-level human flourishing… to transform the lives of the clients you serve, while making a lasting positive impact, you are invited to join the Impact Experts Network.

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Are you ready to lead the change and be the change? Join our collective to grow your impact and discover how to:

  • Be Supported and Accountable to a Community of Mission Minded Visionaries Like Yourself for Exponential Personal & Professional Growth.
  • Be Inspired to Learn How to Amplify the Power of Your Message for More Exposure, Clients, & Sales,
  • Be Guided to Transform Your Message Into Your Empire of Impact Through Core Products, Programs and Platforms That Position You as THE Go To Expert!
  • Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Sought Out As The Leader You Are to Scale Grow and Thrive
  • Be Connected Across our Network With Other Industry Leaders for Powerful Partnerships & Referrals
  • Be Featured as the Expert You Are with Media Opportunities Across our Media Partner Platforms of Magazines, Podcasts, Summits and more to Amplify Your Reach, Multiply Your Income and Magnify Your IMPACT!

Why Should You Join?

This is a collaborative collective of change agents on a mission to amplify their impact in the health and lives of people around the globe. They understand the power IS in the collective.

We know that you are not meant to go it alone. You will immediately be surrounded by opportunities to learn, connect, create and collaborate within the network to more fully ignite and share your genius for exponential results. 

The BIG added bonus to joining is... client referrals, media invitations and opportunities to be featured on a variety of platforms and projects from books to summits, podcasts and more. And you will be able to form strategic partnerships and peer to peer affiliate relationships with one another inside of the group.  

We improve ourselves, support one another and up-level our purpose driven businesses for enhanced Human Flourishing Globally that will make a lasting impact for generations to come.

Join in, lend your voice, share your expertise, be the change. 

Join Now for Only $48 a Month

What's Included ?

  • Each month, there is a topic of focus accompanied by a masterclass with experts that are best selling authors, leaders, or creators that have a proven resource that will help us to grow in that area personally and professionally.
  • Once a month networking and Q & A time on zoom. Who ever shows up, gets to have 2 minutes on camera to share who you are, what you do, how you can support and how you want to be supported. Topped off with Q & A on the topic of the month.
  • Pitch the Media. Each month we will share a variety of media opportunities ranging from summits, interviews and featured articles to podcasts, conferences, co-authored books and more that you can pitch to get booked.
  • Access to The Network Vault of Previously Offered Training Courses on Business, Branding, Marketing, Messaging, Media, Sales and More.
  • Affiliate revenue generating opportunities.


Learn and Grow! Enjoy monthly masterclasses, Q & A and networking sessions so you can be supported personally and professionally.

Jan 21-Feb 21: Mindset & Mission

Feb 21 - March 21: Platforms, Podcasts & Programs

March 21- April 21 Media & Messaging

April 21 - May 21: Leadership, Love & Longevity

May 21- June 21: Media & Messaging

Our trainers are best selling authors, and industry leading experts dedicated to supporting your personal and profession expansion. We will continue to add to the calendar and share information ongoing.


Connect, create and collaborate in a high-minded peer to peer group of innovators, thought leaders and trailblazing experts committed to human flourishing. Together we will rapidly amplify our individual and collective influence, income and impact. We are here to support and be supported so individually and collectively we flourish and thrive transforming the lives of people around the globe for generations to come.


Access the Experts Network Vault of digital training courses supporting your business, health and life.

Marketing Mastery

Define and Refine your message while learning the art of storytelling to authentically attract your ideal audience. Learn where and how to share it out on platforms and stages of all types that will help you build your Impact Empire

Scale & Thrive

Create & Grow your own digital content, products, programs and platforms using the digital space to scale your income, influence, and impact beyond your current business model. From digital content to online stores, our experts will share with you how your business can scale and thrive online.


Learn the art of High Ticket Sales. Discover how to authentically communicate your message to attract, convert and enroll leads into paying clients with the Sales Conversion Code Training System. From $100-$100,000 understand the conversation flow that will allow your prospects to say YES to YOU

Impact Media

Be featured across our media partner platforms. 

Media opportunities include:

  • Directory Listing on the Impact Experts Network
  • Gain the opportunity for client referrals.
  • Be a part of our featured directory that goes out to our media partners looking for experts to feature on summits, podcasts top websites and blogs in the health optimization space.
  • Be invited to apply to participate in future summits
  • Be invited to attend at a special members price, the brand-building live weekend to develop your media genetic message, create a media one sheet, be interviewed by Dr. Melissa and filmed for your media package and top off the experience with branded photography including headshot, portrait and lifestyle images with up to 6 professionally edited images delivered, media pitch training and small group masterminding. This event is typically offered 4 times a year for up to 12 members at a time. 

Revenue Generation

The Longevity Life Hub and the Thrive Collective features digital courses, products and content.  We invite all of our network members the opportunity to apply to have their course featured on our platform and come in as a masterclass teacher to promote as an affiliate for revenue generation. PLUS we have great partners that offer all of our members affiliate accounts so you can make money on products, programs or solutions you recommend.

INVITATION ONLY SPECIAL PRICING apply now to receive over $12,800 in value for only $48 a month. No contracts- stay as long as you are receiving support and value.

If this truly resonates with you… If you can see the future… If you can feel the power of being a part of a collective all aligned with global impact and change, then I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to YOU, your vision, mission and desires that can be rapidly expressed when you apply today.

I know that the power is in the collective. If I make it easy for you to come into an high level group of fellow visionaries, then you are able to quickly gain the support you need ( because the world needs YOU) because the more clear, confident, and supported you are, the more you are thriving which means you are able to more fully show up for all you are here to impact.

As you succeed, you will want to pour back into the collective to share and uplift others in the way you are being uplifted. It's a constant flow of giving, receiving, growing, flourishing, expanding and evolving into new states of being the leader you are!

Join today for only $48 a month and cancel anytime so together we can amplify one another's influence, income and impact. When we support each other and the whole, we expand the far reaching limitless possibilities for humanity to flourish and thrive for generations to come!

The Thriving movement isn’t something delivered by one person, it will be delivered through a collective… Will you join?

  • This is for you if you are ready to be seen and heard as the leader you are.
  • This is for you if you know more is possible and you are ready to help others unlock their potential to do more than survive and instead truly THRIVE!
  • This is for you if you are ready to play full out. To show up, to share your message and live your mission for massive impact.
  • This is for you if you are ready to scale your expertise further through the virtual space and a group collective each supporting and helping the other to grow. 
  • This is for you if you are ready to collaborate, to learn, share and support the collective in clinical, business, sales, marketing, mentoring and visioning enhanced outcomes for all.
  • This is for you if you take your growth, impact and success seriously and are ready to exchange high level strategies and ideas in confidence with your group members.
  • This is for you if you are ready to take on more stages with clarity and confidence to connect your message with your ideal audience for lasting positive impact.
  • This is for you if you know how essential accountability, community and support are for exponential success and are eager to be with a group of mission minded, action taking visionaries.
  • This is for you if you are ready to further grow your income, influence and impact!

If you are ready, secure your spot today.

We are only accepting a total of 120 leaders and 40 spots are already secured.

Join Today!

Purchase your access and then we will send you a welcome questionnaire to learn more about how we can support you to flourish and thrive as a member of the Impact Experts Network.

If for any reason you decide that the network is not a fit for you, we will refund 100% of your payment within the first 30 days. Anytime after that, you are able to cancel any time. We want you to be a part of the collective as long as you choose and feel you are gaining value month after month.

$48.00 a month only thru

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What Others in Our Network Are Saying...

Dr. Tracy Gapin
Men's Health Expert

“I’ve been in Dr. Melissa’s mastermind and network for over a year and since then, I have left my insurance practice, opened the Gapin Institute, launched a #1 best selling book, Male 2.0, been featured on countless podcasts and now summits while building a successful cash practice that is so rewarding.  I do more than treat disease, I help my clients optimize their health and life!  

Giselle Koy
Spiritual Epigenetic Leader

As a spiritual epigenetic leader, being a part of this collective has opened up greater collaborations between other thought leaders that are outside of the consciousness space. In working with Dr. Melissa I have more than 10xed my income and impact. This is a true master level growth experience.

Angela Ditch
Flow Coach

"Dr.Melissa and the Longevity Summit have leaped light years ahead of what anyone has done in bringing together the most vast network of thought leaders and showing the points of connection between all.  Dr. Melissa see’s all of the moving pieces and understands how they fit so we each can share our brilliance while supporting the whole to expand human flourishing in new ways yet to fully be experienced."

Join now, lend your voice, share your expertise, be the change. 

Spots won’t open again until next year, don’t miss your chance at the lowest price to join the Impact Experts Network. 

You are invited, Join the Movement to Be the Change for Generations to Come… Today!

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