Unlocking the health potential within humanity to Thrive by design at every age and every stage of life to 150 and beyond.

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Longevity is Living Fully to Our Inborn Potential at Every Age and Every Stage of Life.

Here at the Human Longevity Institute, we understand you were born to flourish and thrive.

Embedded in your DNA, the code of your limitless potential waits, ready to be more fully epigenetically activated, to express boundless health, vitality and joy.

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I'm Dr. Melissa Petersen, the founder of the Human Longevity Institute.

I believe we are living in the most exciting time in human history. A time where cutting edge science and technology are rapidly converging to reveal the secrets of ancient practices and teachings to deliver modern longevity living solutions that will deliver precise and personalized results based on your DNA, your desires and day to day living to design your unique map to expressing the best YOU.

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