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Enroll Now To Save 25%

Our Spring Session is Open. When You Enroll Before 5/14/2022, You Will Save an Extra 25%Off Enrollment

Why Choose the Precision Longevity Certification?

Longevity is the fastest-growing niche of specialty in the health and wellness industry.

Our program is the only all-in-one business, clinical, and coaching care delivery model that will give you all of the tools you need to change lives, make a difference, and be successful doing what you love!

You will gain a deeper understanding of the science of longevity, the impact it has on healing, health, and the ability to optimize wellbeing.

Experience the confidence that comes with knowing how to immediately apply your expertise as a coach to support transformative results for yourself and your clients.

Who Should Get The Precision Longevity Certification?

Whether you have been in clinical practice for years or are just getting started as a coach, the Precision Longevity Coaching Certification will give you everything you need to make lasting changes in the health and lives of the clients you support.

Integrative Physicians & Doctors

And Physician Assistants, & Nurse Practitioners


And Physical Therapists, Healers, Health & Wellness Coaches


And Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists

Fitness Coaches

And Personal Trainers, Fitness & Yoga Instructors

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Seeking a Path to Health Optimization

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Learn the Science of Longevity

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Your Precision Longevity Certification Course Overview

This is a 4-month course, with a total of 18 modules, 45 hours of content and is supported with bi-weekly live classes, a written sourcebook, and on-demand online access.

Our spring enrollment session begins 5/04/22.

Go at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access to your course.

Get certified in 4 months, start enjoying clinical resources and benefits with our lab, supplement and technology partners as an enrolled student.

Bonus resources include business training for high ticket and membership models, client guide books and a complete longevity coaching toolbox with assessments, exams, intake, consents, protocols, plans, and coaching resources for immediate ease of use and implementation.

Month 1

Longevity Science Blueprint

Discover the science of longevity. Learn why we age -how to slow down, stop and reverse the process to compress the morbidity window allowing people to live longer, healthier disease-free lives to 120 and beyond.

  • Longevity Potential- the first person to live to 150 is already alive... understanding the future
  • Longevity Impact- the economic value in living longer
  • Theories and Hallmarks of Aging
  • Cellular Health & Function
  • Biological vs Chronological Aging
  • Complex Systems Biology and Pathophysiology
  • The Pathways of Aging
  • Optimization by the System
  • Epigenetics and the Exposomes
  • Metabolic, Immune and Cellular Health, Function and Expression Mechanisms
  • Ancient Cultures and Practices, Paired with Advanced Science for Modern Longevity Living Solutions

Longevity Lifestyle Blueprint

The science is clear, 75-90% of why we age and how to stop it for enhanced health and wellbeing is lifestyle driven. We take a deep dive into the evidence-based precision lifestyle interventions that add over 20 extra years of health and vitality to a person's life.

  • Detox and epigenetic environmental design to reduce the inflammaging process and remove senescent cells.
  • Energy and how to recharge the system. This will take a deep dive into cellular health, clocks and the impact of our ANS to optimize stress.
  • Fitness and movement. You will learn assessments, exercises and a 28-day progressive fitness program for life extension.
  • Nourishment and the role of bioactive foods, Sirtuins, supplements, intermittent fasting and the longevity macro balance for increased health and lifespan.
  • Mind and cognitive optimization, discover the impact of perception, habits and beliefs paired with the clinical interventions to improve the health and function of the brain at any age.
  • Rest, Recovery and Resilience. This is the key to allowing the body to first heal and then optimize for enhanced thriving. Learn about circadian clocks, cycles, sleep and how to measure and support the system into recovery for enhanced resilience.
  • Wellbeing enhancement through purpose, people and perspective.

Month 2

Longevity Clinical Blueprint

You will learn the systems of longevity and how to identify and assess the biomarkers, labs, clinical and functional assessments that reveal health and biological age and how to create data-driven precision longevity plans.

  • How to Use Assessments
  • Measuring Biometrics
  • Evaluating the 5 categories of biomarkers to know when and how to use them
  • Advanced diagnostics, epigenetic clocks, functional labs, DNA and the microbiome, what they can tell us
  • Functional Examinations and how to perform them
  • Interrupting the data and building precision longevity plans and programs
  • Leveraging technology, sensors and dashboards for precision optimization

Longevity Coaching Blueprint

Discover why coaching is a key aspect to facilitating transformational change in clients. Paired with the proven practices that will teach you how to leverage precision linguistics to create immediate rapport, trust and engagement with your clients that will increase compliance and results.

  • Creating a Client-Centered Experience
  • The Art of Communication
  • Rapport Building
  • The Science of Habit and Behavior Change
  • The A.C.T. coaching structure for transformational results

Month 3

Longevity Protocols & Program Blueprint

Take a deep dive into the evidence-based epigenetic, metabolic, immune, cellular and lifestyle longevity therapies, protocols and programs that pair a combination of supplements, peptides, lifestyle and nutritional strategies that can be added into your current health practice for enhanced outcomes of health and thriving.

  • Metabolics- Gut, Hormones, Body Composition, Brain, Blood Sugar
  • Immune- Immune Modulation & Optimization, Senolytic Cycling, Autoimmune, Stem Cells
  • Cellular- NAD+, SIRTUINS, Energy production, Oxidation, Detox
  • Targeted Systems and Support- Age Reversal, Skin, Eyes, Bone/ Joint, Heart, Respiration & Circulation, Sexual Health, Hair, Sleep, ANS/ Stress Optimization

Longevity Business Blueprint

Learn our proven marketing, sales and practice implementation longevity business blueprint to deliver the turn-key longevity living program in your practice. You will get done for you assessments, client guides, marketing materials and sales copy and consultation scripts to understand how to share this powerful solution to your clients for life-changing results.

  • Creating Your Longevity Niche
  • Attracting Your Ideal Client
  • Content Creation and Essential Website Copy
  • Consultations that Convert into Clients
  • Cash Pay Program Enrollment Method
  • 3, 6 & 12 Month Program Model
  • Building Your High Ticket, and Membership Programs
  • Establishing Pricing, Systems, Scheduling and Client Flow
  • Practice Platforms, Partners, Clinical Resources and Needs Met

Month 4

Month 4 Certification Preparation and Exam

You will be paired up with a fellow cohort member and given practice sessions so you can confidently apply the business, clinical and coaching principles real-time for successful certification as a Precision Longevity Coach.

Bonus Materials and Mentoring

Bi-Weekly Live Classes- Monthly Q & A Office Hours

As a cohort, you will engage with your fellow peers, be supported by Dr. Melissa Petersen the founder of Human Longevity Institute, and her faculty so you can gain real-time confidence and clarity for immediate application of the materials learned.

Longevity Master Class Archives

Enjoy over 50 archived master class sessions from longevity industry leaders so you can continue to lead the way with proven clinical and business solutions to support your clients to live their longest, healthiest and most fulfilling lives.

12 Months of Bonuses & Community

To get the most from your certification, we are supporting you with 12 months of added bonus material, and gifts. Enjoy done for you client tools, social media marketing bundles, online business building masterclasses including media, podcasting, group building and more, clinical protocols, promotion and feature as a certified specialist in the longevity experts network, quarterly networking and monthly mastermind mentoring. More than $3,000 in added gifts and features to support your growth and success.

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Accreditation and University Sponsorships

This program is currently in review with several universities and accreditation boards so that by September of 2022 we will be able to offer any of our graduates AADP certification, liability insurance, professional membership and continuing education credits for various professions.

NOTE- completing this course at this time does not qualify you to sit for the National Board of Health Coaching. You will be accredited through AADP. This is a widely recognized accreditation agency and will offer continuing ed credits towards a variety of health and wellness programs. it will also give you access to practitioner liability insurance and you will be a recognized health specialist with access to our professional lab network.

How Much Does the Program Cost to Enroll?

This course is a combination of 3 certifications, a business and marketing mastermind, and a clinical playbook all wrapped in one valued at over $12,250.

As a part of our first-year growth, we are offering all of this at one affordable price because we want to ensure your success and make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to you, your growth and impact as a longevity leader starting today.

Enroll at a one-time payment of


or 12 payments of $250

When you sign up and enroll during our presale phase, you will have a 72-hour window to enroll and save 25%

Join the Future- Lead the Way

Become a Precision Longevity Coach, Change Lives, Scale Your Business and Make Your Impact When You Enroll Today.

Life in the 2020s has more people than ever seeking a new path to expressing health and happiness. People want solutions to living their healthiest and happiest lives, not another pill for an ill. This is where YOU can lead the way.

Several years ago, I launched the Longevity Summit and wrote the best-selling book, the Codes of Longevity and discovered the desire from the consumer to learn what was possible in living longer and better was tremendous. I also discovered there is a huge gap in the longevity marketplace between consumer desire and clinical solutions.

This is why I'm excited and honored to bring to you the Precision Longevity Health Specialist Certification Program. The most complete, epigenetic complex systems clinical and coaching training that delivers research-backed age reversal protocols and solutions that will allow you to help more clients heal, thrive and live a long life optimized!

Become a part of this in-demand specialty today. Stand out as a leader in your community to set the path that will transform the health and lives of those you serve.

Together we can positively impact the lives of millions of people globally to more fully flourish and thrive by design to 120 and beyond. I invite you to become a part of the longevity living movement, request an application to get certified as together we help people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Hi, and Welcome-

I'm Dr. Melissa Petersen, the founder of the Human Longevity Institute.

We are sitting at an exciting time in human history. We are living longer, yet many would say, not better. But what if I were to tell you there is a new path forward?

The science is clear, we don't have to settle for a life of sickness and disease. We CAN compress the morbidity window, slow down and even reverse the biological aging process. We can now live more years free from sickness, and disease expressing greater health, vitality and wellbeing through applying the science and solutions of precision longevity.


Hear What Our Graduates Have to Say

Dr. Melissa Delivers! This program is a complete clinical and coaching system that can fit into any health care environment from fitness centers to doctors' offices.- Dr. K Greene

This is the future of health. By implementing what I learned, I increased my income in less than 90 days. The research-backed strategies are easy for my clients to follow and the business model showed me how to help more and earn more without working more. Change just got easy.- Lisa Z Health Coach

I enrolled to learn how I could better optimize my own health and support my doctor's office clients. I physically have even more energy plus new protocols for my clients and their patients supporting better outcomes and new income streams..- John S- Clinical Sales Consultant


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