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optimizing stress, for enhanced performance, connection & wellbeing

Is Your Company Seeking A New Solution To The Old Problem of Stress?

Have your business and people experienced an increase in new states of stress, disconnection and overwhelm over the past year? Are you continuing to feel the trickle-down effects of the rising costs resulting from this distress? If so, you may be feeling like more of the same just won't work.

At the core of every flourishing business are your thriving people. The real question is how can you actually support your people to thrive mentally and physically in a way that allows them to feel deeply seen, valued, and appreciated, for greater connection, motivation and meaning?

We invite you to offer them a place to CENTER, where they can be supported with personalized resources for enhanced motivation, resilience and capacity to do more than survive with stress and instead will empower them to THRIVE with stress.

CENTER is a cutting-edge stress optimization technology and training platform for the workplace. Integrative, personalized and proven, our platform is the much-needed solution to stress. Supporting enhanced performance, memory, learning, creativity, resilience, motivation, focus, connection and wellbeing in the workplace and life.  

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Unlock Motivation- Activate Performance- Ignite Wellbeing

with the science of stress optimization


Stress is stressing out employers and their employees.  

Today 83% of all employees at companies in the US report high levels of stress.

90% of all disease is associated with stress.

85% said it carries over and impacts their home life. 

51% are disengaged and ...

The cost of stressed employees to the companies is topping out at over $300 billion annually. 

What is stress costing your people and business?

The Science of Stress Optimization Can Support Your Business and Your People to Find Your CENTER

Stress Reappraisal can Help Replace Anxiousness Agitation with Eager Excitement*

Working in Flow Can Improve Productivity and Performance by 500%*

Cognitive Training Has Been Shown to Enhance Motivation, Focus, Memory & Creativity.*


There at your CENTER, you will find clarity, creativity, and connection to your innate capacity to more fully thrive in work and life.

CENTER is an integrative and proven approach beyond basic wellness and mindfulness practices. Instead of stressing about stress, leverage the power of stress as your signal to positive new outcomes.

The CENTER technology platform clinically assesses stress states and cognitive performance to then stimulate, strengthen and entertain the positive forms of stress for greater outcomes in health, performance, work and life.

Each training session is personally prescribed based on the needs of the user to target the areas of the brain that allows for improved motivation, performance, health and healing, mood, memory, focus, learning, resilience, connection, creativity, and empathy. 



Using cognitive assessments, each user will have a private account with a personalized program based on their current stress, wellbeing and cognitive performance index scores.


Using gamma brainwave frequencies, HRV resonance, cognitive function and stress reappraisal training our platform entrain the brain to optimize the stress response of the body.


Learn body based techniques to activate new states of flow, motivation, and performance by stimulating primitive reflexes and vagal toning to integrate new positive responses to stress.


In as little as 3 minutes a day, you can optimize your stress response with benefits lasting up to 2 days* to more fully thrive at work and in life.


Built for scale, our platform is designed to support transformational results for small and large teams.

Happier employees support healthier businesses.

Give your team their place to CENTER, so together, you can individually and collectively connect in your creative genius to share your positive impact, products, and purpose with the customers you serve.

Yourself, Your People, Your Business With Stress Optimization for Greater Health, Wellbeing & Results.

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Science Gamified So You Can Optimize

Assess Your Brain

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We are a team of integrative health doctors, technology experts and corporate leaders on a mission to support greater states of performance, health and thriving at work and life through optimizing stress.

We invite you and your team to CENTER with Stress the point where pure potential can be expressed and limitless possibilities await~

Kerry Prine


Kerry brings over 20 years of corporate experience having worked globally with fortune 500 industries. Understanding the needs of corporations and their employees, he shares his passion for improving the health, performance, and productivity of businesses and their employees for increased impact globally.

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Founder and CEO

Dr. Melissa Petersen is a sought out expert in transformational thriving. A best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and visionary leader for over 20 years she has been sharing clinical solutions to help experts and enthusiasts alike live longer perform better and thrive by design through optimizing stress.

Dr. Guy Annunziata

Neurotech Developer & CTO

Dr. Guy Annunziata is the founder of BrainCore Neurofeedback Systems and CerebroCore Memory Optimization Systems. With over 15 years in clinical neurotechnology development, and care, Dr. Guy pioneered the introduction of neurofeedback into the chiropractic profession and currently consults with more than 250 BrainCore offices throughout the world.


Our platform is built on proven research from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and human potential so your people can experience the benefits when you CENTER with the science of stress.

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