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How to Find, Prepare and Take Your TEDx Stage in 2022

Do you have a message to share, a mission to lead a dream to live even more fully while positively impacting the lives of those you are here to support? If so, then now is your time to discover how you can find, land and take the TEDx stage for greater influence, income and impact in 2022 and beyond.

Thought Leaders Are Needed!

We are living in one of the most transformative times in human history. Thought leaders share ideas, insight and information that remind humanity that more is possible. If you have a mission that drives you out of bed each day, a passion and purpose that you LOVE to share than it is time to say YES to taking on more stages of all types in 2022.

TEDx is one of the most widely recognized global stages you can take to share your message. Once you do, you gain immediate added authority as a premier thought leader in your industry.

Even if you haven't spoken on many stages because you are so busy speaking to your clients every day in your business, it's ok. If you wonder if your message is a "big idea" worth spreading, it IS, If you DO have so much in you yet you wonder what is THE message to share, it's time to give you clarity. If you have a message that you LOVE to educate, inspire and uplift others with then you CAN successfully and confidently take the TED stage. All it take is a desire to say YES to YOU and the decision to say YES to the stage where you can grow forward into your next highest expression as the true visionary leader you are!

This and more is what the 4-week fast track course is all about. Want to learn more? Full course details are below.

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Hi, and Welcome-

I'm Dr. Melissa Petersen, and I believe in the power of YOUR VOICE to positively impact, inspire and uplift the world!

I am honored to say that I am a TEDx speaker, best-selling author and human potential thought leader. Because I have been sharing my message, my voice and helping my fellow thought leader and visionary like yourself to do the same, I have been living my purpose. For over 20 years now this path has allowed me to make my impact specializing in supporting my fellow human to unlock, activate and ignite the potential within to more fully thrive so they can live their longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life.

Now more than ever, the world needs YOUR VOICE, YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR GIFT. Want to discover how to find, land and take any stage with confidence, and authentic clarity for greater impact, income and influence? If so, I personally invite you to join my 4 week TEDx fast track workshop course. Learn more below and I'll see you there!

In Gratitude and Limitless Possibilities, Dr. M

TEDx Fast Track Speaker 4 Wk Course

We begin 1/12/22 and meet each week for 4 weeks. The course includes live teaching and interactive workshop sessions for real-time support and review plus on-demand access to class replays and all bonus materials for 120 days. This program is designed with one clear outcome... RESULTS... the methods I teach will allow you to successfully find, book and take the TEDx stage with confidence, and clarity to make your authentic connection and impact that lasts.


Find Your BIG Idea

You will gain clarity as you uncover your most potent and authentically powerful message and big idea to take onto any stage.


Map Your Talk

Learn the story flow process as you discover your stories big and small. Identify key life moments paired with informative and actionable insights along with the art of storytelling framework so you can weave them together in a way that will make a lasting and memorable impact to the audience.


Find Your Stage and Apply

We will find the best stages for you and walk you through the application process step by step. You will create an application video, learn exactly what event organizers are looking for when you apply along with the what not to do's so you can stand out and get a YES!


Give Your Talk

We will break into groups and deliver talks to share and learn together. You will gain insight, feedback and I will personally review your talk and offer direction if and as needed so you leave with a talk that you can give on any stage.



Enroll now and unlock the IMPACT EXPERTS thought leadership training classes. This 12 masterclass series guides you into top strategies to scale your message for greater influence, income and impact.



TEDx talk templates and resources from the top talks and strategies found in the most watched TED talks. Success leaves clues, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Use proven frameworks to find your focus and share your message with the world.

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Now is your time to say YES to YOU!

Enjoy the free masterclass replay.